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Dr. Eric and Kendyl Janis Annual Scholarship

No strings attached. No restrictions. Dr. Eric Janis has been donating generously to Johnston Community College for years, and he doesn’t put any restrictions on his gift. He laughs at the idea.

“I believe in Johnston Community College and believe it is doing great work,” he said. “It’s important to Johnston County.” JCC knows who the deserving students are without his input, he says.

The well-known cardiologist has been serving the community for 21 years and has been supporting JCC for almost as long.

“I believe in the community college,” he reiterated. “It’s great for our community, with great leadership.”

While he doesn’t restrict or limit what students his scholarship supports, most recipients have been in the health program, mostly nursing students.

“It’s all good,” he said. More people should support the work of the community college because it improves life for county residents, he said.